CA United Churches Choir concert

September 7th saw a large audience gathered for the final performance of the choir, which has delighted and inspired the local community during the forty years of its existence. Bouquets were presented to Muriel, the founder and leader, and to accompanist Thelma. Roger read a poem he had composed in Muriel's honour (below).





An Ode to  Muriel


The Choir has reached the time
       to say

Goodbye for the last time . . .

And so a little ode from me:

I hope that it’s in rhyme . . .


It started back in ’79,

That’s forty years ago,

When Muriel decided that

We must put on a show,


To sing some songs in our Lord’s

At churches far and near,

With songs of love and happiness

To bring a smile or tear.


United we must be, she said

(Not meaning football teams),

Two congregations joined as one –

This was one of her dreams.


And down the years it grew and grew,

Its fame spread far and wide.

But sadly now it’s reached its end:

I know a few who’ve cried.


We’ve sung for Christmas every year,

Also at Eastertime,

With lots of very varied tunes –

Our voices were sublime.


We’ve sung at churches round

But now AMERICA!!!!!

That’s where I thought that we
       were going –

To Philadelphia!


But I was wrong, it wasn’t far,

It’s down by Langsett Road,

Behind the old Infirmary –

Daft me, well I’ll be blowed.


And what a range of tunes and

A few by Roger Jones:

I’ll tell you now of some of them

That brought out a few moans . . .


The inn crowd and While Shepherds

And Mary Magdalene,

And Jailbreak sounded much too

We didn’t seem right keen.


With Simeon and Wildfire, and

Then David, what a boy . . .

Two Sisters, wherever you are,

And then Jerusalem Joy . . .


Oh gosh! I hear you say out loud,

You learn at such a pace.

There was New Creation, Chariots,

And then there’s Winter’s Grace . . .


A World of Christmas, Flying Free,

And Heavenly Aeroplane,

The Phantom of the Opera,

West Side Story . . . It’s a drain.


With my old mind to think far back,

There’s many I forgot,

But you can tell, from this short list,

There has been quite a lot.


But it’s not just us who’s had to learn:

Remember those poor fingers

Of our dear Thelma over there,

Playing for us singers.


So many years she’d bashed those

With very little rest.

And we al say, without a doubt,

She really is the best.


And at this time, we must look back

To those no longer here –

They sat among us, were our friends,

We know right now they’re near.


And so with gladness now we say

To Muriel, "Do not fret."

It’s over now, but we can say,

We never will forget.


With grateful hearts, we all say,

Thanks for your years of graft.

Year after year you planned and prayed

That we would learn our craft.


We all owe you our fondest love:

We never can repay

The patience, selfless effort, that

You’ve put in every day.


I’ll stop right now, our eyes are full,

Our chests they start to swell.

We raise our thanks, let’s clap and cheer

Our leader – Muriel.



Etienne's christening

Etienne was christened at the morning service on September 1st, conducted by Rev James. Rachel presented a candle to mark his entry in the Cradle Roll. Rev James spoke a poem he had composed on the occasion (below).

Etienne 1
Etienne 3
Etienne 2

For Etienne.

Yet then, again


For you and me,



I believe God says truthfully

You are made wonderfully

Allow this truth to set you free


From hurts and guilt, regrets and shame 

That return again and again


Allow this truth to set you free

Because it lasts eternally.


You are loved

By one above


Wherever that is

What matters is


God became you and me

So that we can be free

We’re just asked to believe:


God is with you

And within you

Gave everything to win you

So, the question is will you


Accept this gift of amazing grace

That reflects in you God’s loving face

And see it in the face of the other 

For we are all just sisters and brothers 


And in the dark night of the soul

May this deep truth keep you whole


You are a child of God who is love

And this is the love that first chose us

Comes running to meet us

In that refuge-Jesus


James Morley for Etienne’s baptism 1 Sept 2019


Garden party at Margaret & Stuart's

"When the sun always shines"

9-6-2019 1
9-6-2019 2
9-6-2019 3


Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday 2019 1 Easter Sunday 2019 2


Good Friday

Good Friday 1 Good Friday 2
Good Friday 3


Boys' Brigade Easter Service, April 8th

BB Easter 1 BB Easter 2
BB Easter 3 BB Easter 4


Rev James' Wilderness Video

Revd James Morley (Spoken Word) from AllWeCan on Vimeo.

All We Can, the Methodist relief and development charity, recently invited us all to reflect on the wilderness experience. which for many people in the world is a daily reality. In response to their invitation, Rev James created this piece and speaks it himself.

The video is one of the resources available at It was shot in our church by Richard Garrett.


Spring Fair

The Spring Fair on Saturday March 16th was a popular event and raised £717.

Mayor Vera
General view
M&M Roger & Co


Margaret's Birthday

Congratulations to Margaret, who has turned 98. The Games & Pastimes group celebrated the occasion at their meeting in mid-February.

Margaret H 1 Margaret H 2
Margaret H 3 Margaret H 4


Valentines Lunch

V lunch 1
V lunch 2
V lunch 3


The Leprosy Mission Event

World Leprosy Day on January 27th was marked by a visit from Mrs Pamela Levens of The Leprosy Mission. Pam took our morning service and set some of TLM's recent work in the context of the Christian social mission. A bread and cheese lunch followed in the Schoolroom. Over £500 has been given to TLM as a result of this event, recent donations and the contents of members' TLM boxes.

TLM 2019 1 TLM 2019 2
TLM 2019 3
TLM 2019 4


Games & Pastimes Celebration

On January 8th, Games & Pastimes celebrated their third anniversary with a splendid cake depicting some of their favourite activities.

G&P 3rd ann'y
G&P cake
G&P groups



BB nativity

Boys' Brigade Carol Service - nativity scene

Carols at the Cross

Christmas Eve - traditional Coal Aston carols on the village green

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day


Cascade of Poppies


To mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, members of the church created a cascade of poppies which was unveiled by the Mayor of Dronfield on November 3rd. Specially commemorated were the seven men from Coal Aston who lost their lives in the war.

Poppies 1  
Poppies 4Poppies 3  
Poppies 4  

Harvest Festival, September 7th

Harvest gifts 2018

Gifts for the Cathedral Archer project


Garden award

Garden award


Covenant Service, September 16th

James arrival

Rev James arrives for his first service at Coal Aston.