Sylvia's baptism at the morning service on Sunday 18th March was a happy occasion.
  Sylvia S 1  
Sylvia S 2


Spring Fair

On 17th March at the Village Hall, the wintry conditions outside contrasted with cheerful smiles within.

Spring Fair 1
Spring Fair 2
Spring Fair 3
Spring Fair 4


Valentine Lunch

The delicious lunch on February 17th was enhanced by charming waitress service, much appreciated by the diners.

V lunch 1
V lunch 2
V lunch 3
V lunch 4


Reception into membership

The morning service of February 4th saw Gemma being received into church membership.

Gemma with Dave Gemma with Y and K

Gemma and Dave

Gemma with Yvonne and Ken


Boys' Brigade Carol Service, Decenber 18th 

On this night Anchor boys and girls presented a beautiful nativity and the Singing Group gave a moving rendering of “Born in the Night” and “His Love”. These were just two of the highlights of this lovely service, which included a short address from Danny Baker, the Battalion Chaplain.

BB Carols congregation Danny Baker
BB nativity 2017


Coal Aston United Churches Choir Concert

Early in December the choir, conducted by Mrs Muriel Stonehewer, delighted us with a performance of the cantata Winter’s Grace, by Joseph Martin.

CA United Churches Choir concert

Autumn Fair

The Autumn Fair, held on Nov.18th in the Village Hall, was buzzing from the word go.

Autumn Fair 1 Autumn Fair 3
Autumn Fair 4 Autumn Fair 2


Pie & Pea Quiz Night

S C & M
Quiz night


Garden Party

The garden party started rather wet. . .

but the hoop-la was popular.

Plant stall Hoop-la

So was Roger's scary apparatus . . .

and refreshments were all the more welcome.

Roger Refreshments


Salmon and Strawberries

The Salmon & Strawberry Lunch on August 19th was much enjoyed by all who came. 



Strawberries Lunch


Tea at 213

Tea at 213 1 Tea at 213 2
Tea at 213 3 Tea at 213 4


Congratulations, Katie & Barnaby!

B&K outside church
B&K - bench


Plant Sale and Coffee Morning

The fine morning of June 17th saw a buzz of activity in the Community Garden and the schoolroom. £158 was raised for the garden from plant sales.

Plant Sale 1
Plant Sale 2


The roses were looking lovely . . .


and the bench in memory of Peter Anderson had arrived that very morning

Roses 1 Bench
Roses 2


Dedication of Easter Offerings


Over Easter, like other Methodists in Britain, we made offerings to the World Mission Fund, which supports 65 Partner Churches overseas. At the end of April, we joined with other churches in the circuit to dedicate the offerings at a "Shine like Stars" service at Woodseats Methodist Church.

Many of the stars on the tree were created by five-year old Daisy Dabbs.

  Easter Offerings 1
Easter Offerings 2


Eyam Barn


In April, a contingent from the Boys' Brigade went camping near Eyam.


At the barn          

  BB Eyam Barn 1
BB Eyam Barn 2   BB Eyam Barn 3




Out and about    

  BB Eyam Barn 4
BB Eyam Barn 5   BB Eyam Barn 6


Spring Fair

Spring Fair 2017 1   Spring Fair 2017 3
Spring Fair 2017 3   Spring Fair 2017 4


Boys' Brigade Caterpillar Walk

"Caterpillars" in the shape of Anchors and Juniors enjoyed outdoor play and walking round the field before repairing inside for the cake competition.

BB Caterpillars 1
BB Caterpillars 2 500

The cake competition attracted some delicious entries.

BB Caterpillars 3
BB Caterpillars 4
Around £140 was raised for Action for Children.