We are a small, but loyal group of people, both male and female, who believe in the power of prayer and meet each week to spend time in prayer.  We ask God to hear our prayers for people within our own community who need help and also for the wider world.  The evenings are very informal, no particular pattern or ritual, sometimes people pray out loud, others prefer to sit quietly, listen and pray in silence.

Like all good Methodist meetings, we end with a cup of tea or coffee, a biscuit and some good fellowship.

Occasionally during the year, the Prayer Group takes the morning service, which is a bit nerve racking, but also very rewarding.  We learn a lot during the time of preparation and according to comments from the congregation, the services are well received.

We are a friendly bunch and would welcome any new members.  We meet on a Wednesday evening at 7.30pm.  Usually we meet at the home of Deirdre & John Smith, 31 Bowshaw, Dronfield.  At holiday times the venue is changed, but if you are interested please contact Deirdre or John on 01246 419 449 for any further details.